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FOOTFACT will revolutionize online show trading through intuitive technology. We will safe the customer time and the search for the perfect shoe, in the pefect shop, has come to an end. At the same time, we are reducing the costs of online shops wordlwide by billions, while decreasing the environmental impact significantly and helping those in need. 



MegaDev is the software forge behind the "MegaTrainer" - a trainer software that allows you to use cheats in PC games to get faster with your game or to beat "insurmountable" game situations. MegaDev is for those gamers who enjoy the game, but whose ability or time does not allow even deeper into the game. Before the frustration comes, just use one of our cheats in the MegaTrainer!



SmartHectar is the first AgTech / WaterTech Accelerator in Germany. It offers start-ups a unique program for fast international growth.

As a Corporate Partner you will receive competitive innovation impulses, attractive investment options and valuable network contacts in a global environment.



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